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invest in forex experts hands – Something new and fresh online

I found something very new reviewing my account at my forex platform provider. It is named PAMM investment accounts. In short you invest money in your PAMM account  to be traded by a manager in Forex.

I open a PAMM investment account at 28 of april of 2014 with an initial investmet of $ 750 and with sucesive later deposits rized the total investment to $ 1,248.58 .-

Now the equity of the account is  2,123.66  That is a 70% increase in just 3 months.

In the following image you can see all the info of my PAMM account.

MT4-acount statistics

You can find a lot of PAMM accounts managers. So the question is in which manager you can trust to put your money in his hands to trade by you.

In my case my choice was Illuminati and you can see my results.

In the below image you can review the performance of this manager since february of this year.

Illuminati MonitoringMT4-investment accounts

To invest with this manager click the banner below:

1. What is PAMM account

PAMM account – is a special trade structure created as part of MetaTrader4 platform. It incorporates 50 trading account plus 50 or more Investment account(s).

Trade on the PAMM account is carried out by Manager and profit gained from trading operations is distributed in proportion of the share made by each Investor into PAMM account. The minimum amount of investment is $10.

Investor does not need to make trading decisions or arrange transactions – he/she just need to invest into a successful Manager. You also do not need to wait for a rollover to credit investment into account – investment funds start to operate immediately after the transfer of investments into account which is done in fully automated mode. As soon as funds are credited into PAMM account the module which controls PAMM account will automatically adjust the volume of transactions in accordance with the investment ratio and from this moment the rate of return in your investment account will be identical with the yield of the PAMM account into which you have invested money.

Manager manages funds in the most efficient way, with no distraction on calculations and adjustment of the volumes of your investments. Manager does not even need to know how much money is invested in his PAMM account or when investors join or leave the account. All routine work is done in a fully automated mode by a module-manager. This eliminates negative psychological effect because Manager can see the same balance in the PAMM account and build up his/her Money Management solely on the basis of indications on the only trading account, just as it happens during normal trade. It easily allows you to trade in the automated mode using trading advisers, as there is no need to modify them. Procedure is the same as if trade is carried out on a regular trading account.

1. How to register as Investor?

In order to register as Investor you shall log in at the Client’s Cabinet and follow the link «Open Investment Account»

To make Investment start working, you shall choose a Manager who will manage your money and you shall deposit funds into Investment account. Note that Investment will commence functioning as soon as funds have been deposited, without confirmation from the Manager. It means that if the manager has open transactions they will immediately be synced to your Investment account in the amount calculated as ratio of Investment as follows:

Investment ratio = Amount of Investment / Equity of the Manager’s trading account

2. What is Investor’s personal account?

Investor’s personal account is created upon initial registration of Client as an Investor to facilitate transfers between Investment accounts, both active and archived, with the help of internal transfer system. You can top up the account or withdraw money from the account by using any of the payment systems represented on the site including bank transfer, with the exception of transfers from trading accounts/trading accounts Lite, Real, Floating spread.

  • 3. How to invest funds or withdraw investment.

    *Before you start these actions please log in at the Client’s Cabinet.

    The funds can be deposited into Investment account by using any of the payment systems, represented in the section «Deposit» of the site. You can also use internal transfer system for topping up if you have money available on your Personal account of Investor.

    Full withdrawal of the Investment from PAMM account. In this case, Investment account will be archived and further investments into this account will be impossible. Funds remaining after settlements with Manager will be transferred into Investor’s personal account.

    Manager’s Investment account is detached only in case the PAMM project is deleted.